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This search function is for our ReigelRidge website, including the family history and genealogy resources sections. It works like most Internet search functions and allows you to search for names, places or other key words that may occur in any context throughout the site.

There are also specialized search functions in our two family history sections which allow you to search by given name and/or surname, and to specify birth and/or death dates, spouses, and parents if you like.

Our Family History section includes those of our ancestors, cousins, and close associates about whom we have enough information to create hopefully interesting narratives. Its search function is found here.

Our Family Tree section contains basic information about a substantial percentage of the people in our database, including everyone included in the Family History section. Its search function is found here

It does NOT search the Terry's TMG Tips website. To search that site please go to the Terry's TMG Tips search page and use the search function there.

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