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This page Updated 7 Feb 2014


TMG version 5.00 was introduced in May 2002, replacing version 4.0d. It provided a significant improvement in the user interface, and many new features.

Version 6.00, introduced in Dec 2004, added further new features. Version 7.00 was introduced in Dec 2007, building on the foundation of Versions 5 and 6, adding still more improvements and new features. Version 8.00 was introduced in Dec 2011, offering a totally rewritten report writer which accommodates 64-bit versions of Windows, and various new features and improvements. Version 9.00 was introduced in February 2014 with new features for easier data entry, improvements to Sentence variables, and other improvements.

While much of the material in the articles on this site applies to TMG 5, 6, and 7, the growing list of exceptions disrupts the reading of the articles for those using current versions. So I have decided to maintain support for only the most current version and the immediately prior one. Accordingly:


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