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This page updated 6 Jun 2008

Our Family History Pages

We have some of our family history information posted on pages on this site, in two separate sections:

Family Tree Section

Family History Section

A brief outline of a substantial proportion of the people in our database. This section is ideal if you would like to see if we are researching any of the same folks.
Considerable detail about a few family lines for whom we feel our research is ready to share. Use this section if you would like to learn more about our ancestors.


Other Genealogical Resources

Special Resources
Important Places
Some documents possibly of interest to family members
A few pictures from our past




Terry's Genealogy Tips
TMG - Great Genealogy Software
Some tips on gathering a family history, including links to some sites I've found useful
I use The Master Genealogist® to record our family history - see why, and lots of tips on using that program.


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